About the Farm

    Hi! I'm Michelle Cianchette. About a decade ago, I hopped on Interstate 95 and followed love north to Maine. One marriage and three kids later, I find myself looking out the window at a pasture full of cows while I set up this shop.

    The Farm:
    Living on a farm was an unexpected blessing. Growing up in performing arts, I always pictured a busy, urban life. But when I met my husband and found myself northbound, I was met with a community as beautiful as the state itself - and immediately felt at home.

    The farm we live on has grown over the years. Right now, we’re surrounded by hay fields, cows, chickens and other livestock. Our kids will appreciate a long day of cutting hay, and will value what our land can provide if we put in the work. That work ethic, and an example of following your passion, are some of the best gifts I can give them as a momma.

    The Shop:
    A daughter of two entrepreneurial parents, I always knew I wanted to create something of my own but I was never sure what that would be. When I was on maternity leave with my daughter (our second child), I started considering making gifts and home goods using inspiration from the farm. Maternity leave went quickly, as it always does, and I went back to work but the idea persisted. Shortly before our third child was born, I started creating products to sell in our farm store. From there I felt confident to share my passion with a larger community, and From the Farm was born.



    Note: For now, we're only shipping domestically. As the Farm grows, so will our reach; but we're taking it one step at a time! Thanks for understanding.